In memoriam: LINDA ST. MARTIN

MAY 23RD, 2014
Sharing the tragic news that Linda St. Martin passed away at 9:30 this morning from complications due to chemotherapy....i would appreciate everyone taking a moment to reflect on Linda in honor of her body of work, passion, and commitment in service to the Sierra Club and the Gulf Community as a whole.
This is indeed a very sad day for all who knew and loved Linda, a passionate, tireless crusader for the environment and justice for those who had no voice.....
I have been blessed to have had Linda as a friend and campaigner through the plethora of issues we engaged in over the years...may she enjoy the divine rewards so rightfully bestowed upon her for a life well lived....


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She stood up to anyone for a principle, she was never afraid.

“Never let injustice shut you up. When you see injustice you must stand up. It’s going to hurt sometimes. It’s going to cost you something. But you can never, never allow injustice in your presence and sit silently by and let it happen. You cannot do that.” – Gulf resident Linda St. Martin from Stories from the Gulf.

Linda came to us with organizing skills and a love for people. She worked tirelessly for a better environment and a better world. She enhanced our meetings, met those we didn't know and made them feel a part of our group. To say she will be sorely missed is an understatement. More appropriate is to wonder how we will manage at all without her. She has gone to a better place and left us behind in a better place for having fought so hard to make it better.

A true environmental activist and fighter --- relentless, passionate, unselfish -- AND, always on the high moral ground . . . Mississippi is (for sure) a 'much better place' because of Linda. My hero.

Linda St. Martin supported my son, Michael, and I throughout this fight to stop the lignite plant being built here in Kemper County, MS. She was always ready to step up to the plate! She taught me to "speak up" my feelings against what was not right. She spent many nights with me and I am going to miss saying to her "your room is ready". A terrible personal loss for me. May she rest in peace.

In memoriam: LINDA ST. MARTIN
Working for God earth doesn't pay much...but His retirement plan is out of this world!

Linda ---Thank You For Your Life..
and puting love into everything..
Working for God earth with Kindness,Passion,And compassion
See you in the way...

Linda approached her life and her purpose on this Earth with a responsibility that we should take to heart -- To take care of one another, our community, our Gulf, and ourselves.

Regardless of whether someone was a friend or a complete stranger, she treated everyone equally with love, compassion, and offered the best of herself while not asking or expecting anything in return. She was and will forever be a hero to many, myself included, and terribly missed.

From a conservative Republican, I can tell when one is a "real person & passionate in their belief" and Linda passed all the tests. On her dedication to many causes, there was never a "personal upside" as in the case of many others; however, she sailed straight the course and we are all the better for her efforts. May God bless her in eternity and all who labor for the many causes she cherished.
Bob Usey

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