About Us: The Central Group

The Sierra Club is one of the oldest and most influential grassroots environmental organizations in the United States. We are the only environmental organization in Mississippi that works on the full spectrum of environmental issues at the legislature. Our chapter promotes clean, renewable energy such as solar and wind and energy efficiency programs to reduce energy consumption, as well as measures to improve air quality by supporting mass transit, emissions standards, and transit/pedestrian-friendly development.

The Central Group is home to the Ross Barnett Reservoir, the Pearl River, and also encompasses the Mississippi Delta and extends to the historic river cities of Natchez and Vicksburg. As the Sierra Club slogan says, we are passionate about exploring, enjoying and protecting our Mississippi environment.

We engage in on-the-ground service by helping monitor water quality, sponsoring regular clean-ups, removing invasive plant species, and assisting with wildlife research and habitat restoration. We also have a strong hiking program. Contact the chair to find out more about our meetings.


Chair: Linden Potts (lindenpotts@yahoo.com)
Vice Chair:
Secretary: Catherine Lee (catherine.moore.lee@gmail.com)
Treasurer (and Central Group Representative to Chapter Ex-Com): Varuni Kern (varuni.kern@gmail.com)