About Us: The Golden Triangle Group

Hello, World. Welcome to the Golden Triangle Group of the Sierra Club. Here in the northeast corner of Mississippi, we are lucky to roam through the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, stand at the edge of the escarpment gazing at the Mississippi delta below, run our fingers through the rich soil of the Blackbelt prairie, kayak lazily down the Buttahatchie river, and feel time stop in the bottomland hardwood forests of the Noxubee Wildlife Refuge. Our role is to protect these natural landscapes. We said "NO" to confined animal feeding operations with our "Wake up and Smell the POOP" campaign. Now, we need to say "NO" to the lignite mines that threaten the pristine forests, streams, and clean air of Kemper County. Please write to your Congressional Representative. Mississippi needs to be investing in renewable energy solutions, NOT mining and burning brown coal.

Golden Triangle Group Executive Committee
Juliet Tang, Chair 662-338-5426
David Cross, Vice Chair 662-338-5426
John Schneider, Chapter Ex-Com Delegate 662-418-3287
Frances Thompson, 662-323-7379
Harold Thompson