Thank Senator Albert Butler of Port Gibson at and Representative Jeffrey Guice of Ocean Springs at for their bill to amend giving MS Power an extra billion dollars with South MS taxpayers footing the debacle of Kemper Lignite Plant.

Please join us on Tuesday, Feb 4 in Spanish Fort for a community dinner and workshop on NRDA early restoration (originally for Jan 29, but rescheduled due to the ice storm). We will discuss the draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement, as well as the 44 newly proposed projects for Phase III restoration. At the end of the workshop, we will work with attendees to craft their own comment letters to the NRDA Trustees. We hope to see you there!
Rachel Guillory, Specialist, Gulf Restoration Program O: 504.208.5816 M: 504.450.4976 New Orleans, LA Office

Mississippi Sierra Clubber Julia O'Neal on MS Senators Watson and McDaniels

Tell Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi to join Senate Majority Leader Reid and the overwhelming majority of her fellow House Democrats in publicly rejecting fast track. Click here to automatically sign the petition

As of January 31, 2013, the port had expended approximately $99.8 million in non-Port of Gulfport Restoration Program funds to complete capital projects to repair and improve the port and an additional $2.2 million on ongoing capital projects. PEER Report #575, Available on-line at

Good Evening Governor Bryant:

I applaud the Sun Herald’s efforts to have yearly audits conducted on Mississippi agencies. Still, I am not sure how much good that will accomplish if the audits are not publicly released and explained in a concise, truthful, and unequivocal manner and government officials do not make course corrections when needed.

I call your attention to the most recent Audit of the MSPA which is available on-line at You will note that, despite the rosy picture presented by the Auditors, media outlets, the MDA, and the MSPA, the MSPA not only must the MDA rely on a combination of “disaster relief funding” and federal grants for all of its capital improvement projects, but that it does not generate enough money even to keep its channel dredged to the federally-authorized depth. Moreover, I am sure you recall that both the PEERS Report and HUD raised serious question about the MDA’s management of the Port of Gulfport Expansion and Restoration Project and its ability to avoid repaying at least some of the HUD CDBG Funds.

In accounting terms, this business is insolvent and there is no reason for the citizens of Mississippi, much less the citizens of the much-maligned States of California and New York, to continue to subsidize this port. Additionally, it appears that at least some of the so-called “savings” of $100 Million resulting from the decision not to elevate the port to 25 feet went into the pockets of CH2M Hill for a redesign that was totally unnecessary, will not attract Post-Panamax vessels, and deviated substantially from the original design.

Unfortunately, you are still receiving horrible advice. I wish it were otherwise.

Dan Norfleet

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