Jackson, MS NOV. 1, 2013

The cost on the construction of the Kemper Coal Plant just reached the $5 billion mark. This now makes Kemper one of the most expensive power plants ever constructed in the USA on a per megawatt basis. Even worse, it is far from being built-- with plenty more cost overruns to come. Mississippi Power thinks you, their customers, should pay for their mistakes in pursuing this expensive and unnecessary power plant. Tell the newly appointed Public Service Commissioner, Steve Renfroe, you're concerned about Kemper. We, Mississippi Power's customers, should not have to pay for their horrible business decisions in choosing to build this boondoggle. We've warned again and again about the problems with Kemper, its experimental design, its huge pricetag, and its risk for company and ratepayers alike. But Mississippi Power and its parent corporation, Southern Company, chose to ignore these warnings. While customers have said no repeatedly, the utility has said yes. This Fortune 100 utility giant should be responsible for their mistakes, not the customer.

Commissioner Renfroe needs to hear from you: tell him that he has to protect customers from this expensive mistake. HERE'S HOW