MISSISSIPPI ISSUES: Who Owns Mississippi Power?

A public utility is supposed to serve the interest of the public, but recently it seems Mississippi Power is doing anything but. Their financial boondoggle at the $4.2B Kemper coal-fired power plant resulted in an initial 13% increase in electricity rates, with increases predicted to reach as high as 61%. That's money out of your pocket to prop up. . .a Fortune 500 company?

Southern Company, who owns Mississippi Power and other utlities across the South, will host its annual shareholder meeting in Georgia next week, giving us a great opportunity to push them forward on clean energy. A delegation of Sierra Club members from Mississippi will be there to press Southern Company about Kemper, coal, and our bills. Even if you can't be there, you can make a difference. Sign our petition to Southern Company CEO Tom Fanning at https://secure.sierraclub.org/site/Advocacy?page=UserActionInactive&id=1...

Tell Southern Company it's time to stop investing in coal. Bring clean energy to Mississippi.

Southern Company has taken steps to grow clean energy in other parts of the Southeast -- Alabama Power and Georgia Power both invested in wind energy and Georgia power increased its solar energy investments -- but they can do a lot more.

Southern Company still runs some of the dirtiest, most unreliable, dangerous, and expensive power plants in the country. And its subsidiaries continue to place "Big Bets" on dirty coal electricity that poisons the health of our communities' water, air, and families.

Join thousands of others across the region demanding that Southern Company clean up its act and invest in job-creating clean energy.

Across the South, Southern Company is choosing to spend tens of millions to keep some of its oldest and most outdated coal plants running, instead of making the smart decision to phase out these units and invest in a clean energy future instead. And the Scherer Plant in Juliette, Georgia is the biggest emitter of carbon pollution in the nation, and third worst mercury polluter.1

If Southern Company invested in clean energy, they could help make the South a leader in clean energy jobs while protecting our health and the environment.

Send a message to CEO Tom Fanning now, to demand Southern Company make "Big Bets" on safe, reliable and affordable clean energy sources like solar, wind, and energy efficiency.

Thanks for all you do to protect Mississippi.

Louie Miller
State Director
Sierra Club Mississippi

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