Mississippi Power Customers: CALCULATE YOUR KEMPER BILL

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This web site calculates the Kemper Rate Factor charges now included in your Mississippi Power Company residential electric service bill for the Kemper County Energy Facility. The calculations are based on the current R-53 residential rate schedule posted on the Mississippi Power Company website. (Rate sheet dated March 19, 2013, last viewed on January 20, 2014.) These charges are not itemized in a standard monthly bill from Mississippi Power Company.

To use the calculator, you'll need three pieces of information from your bill: total energy usage, total current electrical service cost, and the billing month. Enter the total energy usage in kiloWatt-hours/month and the total current dollar amount of your bill. Select the billing month from the pull-down input. Then click the Calculate button. The amount you are being charged for the Kemper County Energy Facility is shown in the first box. The amount your bill increased as a result of that charge is shown in the second box.


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