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There should be no denying climate change

By Will Watson
The Sun Herald
July 19, 2014

After reading yet another ill-informed Letter-to-the-Editor in The Sun Herald today denying man-made climate change, I'm wondering if it isn't time for you to follow the lead of some other newspapers and simply ban letters and columns from global warming deniers altogether. I wouldn't dream of recommending such a thing if The Sun Herald seriously tried to inform its readers on this issue, but you don't. Therefore, when someone on your Opinion page makes such ridiculous claims as global warming is all a sham prediction of computer models, your readers may interpret your silence on climate change as indicating you agree with him.

For the record, global temperature readings of various types -- thermometers, tree rings, ice cores and such -- show the current warming is exceptional over a long time span, at least 800,000 years.

Further, the theory that greenhouse gases are the prime regulators of global temperature has been around since 1896. Hundreds of subsequent studies have substantiated this theory.

No scientific agency, governing body or professional society now disputes man-made global warming.

The Sun Herald needs to take a position on climate change. You should also begin to publish many more news stories about it.

Failing these steps, when you air the harebrained opinions of global warming deniers, you aggravate the damage done by your sparse coverage of the issue, and you should stop doing it.

If you think asking for a ban on climate denialism is extreme, I can assure you it's nothing compared with the inroads on our freedoms in the future that climate scientists see coming if we don't change.

We need to discuss how to deal with that future, now.

The Sun Herald needs to, at least, take a stand and stop denying that there's a problem.

Long Beach

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