MONDAY, JULY 28, 2014

Cochran Challenges 1960 Supreme Court Ruling Setting MIssissippi Water's Limit at Three Miles Out: Fishing Rights, Regulations, and Oil/Gas Revenue at State:—+McDaniel%27s+lawyers+intend+to+file+challenge+of+loss+to+Cochran&utm_content=Cochran+proposes+amendment+to+set+state+waters’+limit

South MS Politicians Write Letters of Support for Scott Walker:

From Walker Sentencing Letters Raise Troubling Questions:

Cochran: "I didn't party on the DMR boat." :

Bill Walker's Colleagues at Oakdale:

Fracking Water Use Issues in Southwest MS:

Climate Deniers Losing Traction:

Heat Generated by Oceans in the Netherlands:

Sandra Alwine Sun Herald LTE on Climate Change Denial:

Expecting letters to be based on facts and reality is hardly unreasonable. Allowing people to spew nonsense and hoodwink our uneducated citizens does a disservice to everyone. Global warming is real and we must start addressing it.

The Sun Herald has several options: It could continue to print the letters spewing nonsense but have an accompanying explanation of why the letter is wrong; educate its readers on important issues; or insist that all letters to the editor be factual and not based on myths and feelings.

As it is, Sun Herald prints any error-riddled letter and the uneducated have no clue the letter is full of misinformation and no resources to help them discern facts from fiction.

South Mississippi desperately needs a newspaper that provides factual information on the critical issues facing us today. We need to come together to find solutions to these problems before it is too late.

National Geographic has several good, factual articles on global warming for those of you interested in facts.

Its cartographers say they have made one of the most visible changes in the publication's history: it'll show a lot less Arctic ice, in the upcoming 10th edition of the National Geographic Atlas of the World. The loss of Arctic sea ice has been a glaring sign of climate change for the last 30-some years. Rising temperatures have caused the ice to retreat by 12 percent per decade since the 1970s, with particularly notable setbacks in 2007 and 2012.


Ocean Springs

Read more here:

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