DEKALB, MS BY STEVE SHEPARD NOV. 8, 2013 (Photo from the Clarion Ledger)
Steve attended last Friday's protest at the Kemper Plant, when it was visited by Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, Governor Phil Bryant and some other foreign dignitaries. Here's his first person account.
I want to thank those who went. I’ve been asked if it was worth it. I think so. We got to talk to Meridian TV and some of us were also interviewed by a Norwegian News Service person. I said on-camera that I thought Norwegians were too smart to build a plant like the Kemper plant, and that it was too dirty and expensive, and could only get built in Mississippi because we are the dumbest state in the nation. Our drive was beautiful and excellent. We got there 15 minutes later than planned, but still got there before the motorcade passed through at around 10 AM, so we were able to wave our signs at them. We were ordered off the property of a little church sitting across the street from the giant red scar of an eyesore known as the KEMPER RATCLIFF POWER PLANT, so we moved down the road to the gate where the giant earth-digging coal crane sits amidst its muddy mess. That turned out to be a good spot for us, and those aboard the visiting dignitary bus saw us holding our signs, and will know that not all of us here in Mississippi approve of this stupid project.
Nannette Huneidi deserves special mention and thanks because she filmed our actions and the power plant (images will be posted to the Mississippi Sierra Club website and our Facebook page. Nannette was found when Carroll agreed to sit at our Sierra Club booth at the Peter Anderson Festival just last week. Carroll stayed from beginning to end, interacting with people, distributing information about 12 mile South and the Sierra Club (National and Mississippi Chaper) and thus delivered Nannette into our group. I’m looking forward to more activism from Nannette as she continues to participate with us.
What we did was a simple thing—just show that opposition exists. I cannot believe that simple thing didn’t impress those barreling through on their big bus to see the power plant. WLOX said that only 8 representatives from foreign companies came to see the plant. That’s 8 too many but Norway, at least, won’t be pursuing this any further. Our presence helped ensure that.

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