The Senate KEMPER BILLION DOLLAR BOND REPEAL bill has been given a number and a committee assignment. It is Senate Bill 2569, introduced by Sen. Albert Butler D-Port Gibson. It has been singly referred to the Senate Energy Committee Chaired by Sen.Terry Burton R-Newton.

The main issue that the bill seeks to address is this; the legislature was misled in 2013 about this billion dollar ratepayer debt, and all the legislators should be given a chance to vote on it again on the floor of their chamber. We believe that the stockholders should pay for Mississippi Power’s cost overruns, not the MS Power customers. It is time to hold MS Power accountable for their bad business decisions and not force the customer and the economy of South Mississippi to pay for their mistakes.

Attached you will find documents listing the contact information for the members of the House Utilities Committee, Senate Energy Committee, our bill sponsor and the LT. Governor. Please contact them immediately and ask them to support this legislation. Also, please contact Senator Butler to thank him for introducing the bill.

The House bill was requested by Ways and Means Committee Chairman Rep. Jeff Smith R-Columbus and Introduced by Rep. Jeff Guice R-Ocean Springs. Once given a bill number it will likely go to the House Utilities Committee, chaired by Rep. Jim Beckett R-Bruce. You will find attached a document listing the contact information for the members of the Utility Committee, the sponsors and the Speaker of the House. Please contact Reps.Smith and Guice to thank them for their help. Also, as soon as the bill is assigned to committee, please contact the others listed to ask for their support. It is our hope that the House bill will also be referred to only one committee.

NOTE: We are working under a very tight timeline; the bill must be reported out of Committee by Feb 4th. So call NOW! Of course, any other of the bond bill’s negative impacts are welcome, but it is usually best to stay on a focused message. Lastly, if you have an organization that is concerned about this bill, please consider a media release in support and ask all your media contacts to cover this story and to endorse the legislation editorially.