The long awaited Chancery Court Hearing on the Sierra Club and Gulf Restoration Network challenge to the Mississippi Development Authority's so-called rules allowing seismic, leasing and drilling came to pass yesterday.
32 people braved 4-degree wind chills and took the long bus ride to Jackson (6 hour roundtrip) and another 12-15 from the metro Jackson area came to fill the courtroom to capacity. A standing room only crowd watched the impeccable Robert Wiygul, Counselor extraordinaire, systematically dismantle the Mississippi Development Authority's bogus arguments for drilling Gulf Islands National Seashore and Wilderness islands for oil and gas....what a fantabulous way to kick off the New Year!
Thanks to all who braved the brutal cold and took a day out of their busy lives, especially on the first work day of the New Year, to participate in protecting our "Crown Jewels" from short sighted Greed and Cronyism.
This was duly noted by the judge at the end of the proceeding in which he personally thanked everyone for their participation!
A big Thanks to Linda St. Martin and Louis Skrmetta for taking time out of their holidays to work the phones to get folks on the bus and Helen Rose and Andrew Whitehurst from Gulf Restoration Network for the seamless execution in helping put this event together. See links below for news coverage of the event.

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