Join the Mississippi Sierra Club on New Year's Day morning for a First Day Hike. We'll be meeting at LeFleur State Park off of Lakeland Drive, at 10 AM.


Briefing on the Settlement’s Efficiency & Renewables Program – Nov. 17, 2015

The Program set up by the Sierra/MS Power Settlement—Energy Efficiency for low-income housing and Renewable projects for non-profit and educational organizations—is on its way to the utility’s service area. David Perkes of GCCDS (http://gccds.org/) gives us an update.

Kemper History - Louie Miller & Stan Flint quoted

Excellent backgrounder by Sun-Herald's Paul Hampton:

Net metering rule passed--weaker than original proposal

Growing Organic: Saving the Planet One Garden at a Time

organic veggies

Guest writer Jonathan Leger gives us an overview of organic gardening, complete with a guide to web sites on composting, heirloom seeds, companion planting, and beneficial insects for pest control.

Comment Period Ended on Fake Lakes

No Fake Lakes

Sierra Club's allies, Gulf Restoration Network and STEPS coalition, put together a press conference as they turned in their comments, signed by several other groups and businesses. Read more for some of the media coverage.

Hearing of Marine Resources Committee Oct 21 - on the Fake Lakes

Save the Pascagoula River - stop the fake lakes

Read the entire article to find out how you can add your voice. Watch the beautiful video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_g5BJ82seUk&feature=youtu.be

Our CCL Delegate reports from Annual Meeting in San Francisco

Bullard award 2015

Nkrumah Frazier recounts highlights from the CCL meeting Sept 10 in San Francisco, especially the Robert Bullard award, won by Rose Johnson last year. Read more for a re-cap of the meeting.

More on Nkrumah's trip to Sierra CCL

Ex-Com member and CCL Delegate Nkrumah Frazier took a hike with friends in the Bay area.  Read more.

There was a group photo taken during a pizza and beer session one afternoon, I opted to reconnect with some friends and we met for an evening hike.